= = = Introducing = = =


   The First "MEX-WEGIAN"   

  Eating Establishment.  

 - Established 2009 -


The delicious blend of Mexican style food with

Norwegian Tastes and Traditions.


Our innovative "Fusion Cuisine" combines elements of both 

Mexican and Norwegian culinary traditions

while not fitting specifically into either. 


Lunch Menu - ?

Dinner (Supper) Menu - ?




Our offerings will includes chicken, beef, seafood

and vegetarian dishes and platters, with all the trimmings.


How about a Chicken Lefsa Chimichanga?

or a Torsk and Seafood Burrito?

or a Seven Layer Taco Hot-dish?

or Smoked Salmon Tortilla Soup?


We're in the process of developing our menu at this time.

It will be "Bueno", "Don't you know"!      Ya den...



Do you want to know more?

We're looking for people with vision.

People that want to take the next step with us.

Do you want to be part of the enterprise?


E-mail me!


What's the name of the operation?

The name of the restaurant is still being kicked around by our Executives in Arizona and North Dakota.

How about "Ole Lopez" or "Svein Martinez" or "Carlos Olsen" or "Juan Hanson"?

So far, "Juan Hanson's" is in the lead.







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